Teams Assignments

Occasionally you will see Assignments appear in your class Teams. There’s a bit of a trick to handing in your work because you will need to upload or create a file.

A new assignment will show up in the class General channel or you can click on Assignments. It will look something like this:

Once you click View assignment to look at it, you should (duh) read the instructions for the assignment. Different teachers and different assignments will require different uploads, but I’ll show you an easy way to do this if you just have to answer questions.

First, click Add work:

There are 4 ways to attach your work.

You may already have a file created in OneDrive. If you create a file in Word or PowerPoint or whatever and you save it or upload it into your OneDrive, you should see it listed:

If you’ve created a file on your computer or device and HAVE NOT uploaded it to OneDrive, you will nead to Upload from this device (near the bottom of the page):

Find the file and attach it. Remember that your file should have a FILE NAME that tells your teacher what you’re uploading. If you don’t name your file, I MIGHT NOT OPEN IT. Your file name should reflect the name or subject of the assignment.

If you don’t have a file yet, you will need to add a New File:

You can choose beteween common Microsoft Office file types. If you’re just answering questions, you’ll want a Word document

Again, make sure you add a File name that reflects the title of the assignment or its content. My first question asks what your favourite food it, so let’s just call this one Food Assignment:

Once you create the file, it will automatically be attached, but you still need to open it to add your answers. Under My work, click on the file you just created to open it:

Inside of that document, provide your answer(s)

Once you’re done, press Close

I always recommend READING THE INSTRUCTIONS AGAIN to make sure that you’ve answered correctly and completely.

Once you have READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AGAIN and you’re sure that you’ve done your work correctly and completely, you can send it to your teacher by pressing Turn in:

You will see that it’s Turned in. If for some reason you want to change your work, maybe because you forgot to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AGAIN, you can Undo turn in to work on it some more:

Once your teacher has looked at your work, you will get a notification that your work has been returned:

You should look at the file or the comments to see if your teacher has any suggestions for improvement. If you need to and are able to hand in your work again, you should fix it and Turn in again.

If you don’t need to improve your work, you DO NOT NEED TO TURN IN AGAIN!

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