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Introduction to Coding

One of our upcoming tasks will be to create simple video games/apps by adding lines of code to animation. In order to understand what that code looks like and what it does, I’d like you to participate in something called The Hour of Code. The main event runs in December, but since we weren’t working together then, I’d like you to try it now. If you’ve done this activity with me in the past, please do it again anyway for a refresher. Choose something different this time. Challenge yourself by doing something a little bit more interesting.

Please Join our class:
If you go to, you could just use our class code: LSHNLF

OR you can try it out at CodeHS (a bit more challenging):

This week is Computer Science Education Week, and there’s a huge worldwide activity going on this week called The Hour of Code, where millions of people will learn how fun and easy it can be to learn to write computer code. Whether you’re trying to build or fix your own website, animate your designs, write an app for your phone or tablet, or just see what you can teach computers to do, learning code is really important and fun. You have no idea how much you’re capable of doing right now, until you try.

These skills will help make you part of a growing workforce of people who require computer science skills. These skills are becoming more important in almost every area of society, and sadly, there aren’t nearly enough people with those skills to fill important positions. By increasing your skills, you give yourself a far greater chance of landing a good job in the future, and unlock worlds of new possibilities now.