Welcome back! (2021-22)

To find assignments and information for your class, please use the “Computer Literacy” menu at the top of this page!

Welcome (back?) to George Waters Middle School! Once again, all students will have a class with Mr. Robson twice a cycle for Computer Literacy to learn some fun and practical computer skills and to create some really cool projects!

IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL students should have a pair of headphones or earbuds for Computer Literacy class. They don’t have to be anything fancy! Either have them with you every time you come to class or bring some to leave with me, please! Many students also prefer to bring a computer MOUSE!

Students will store and drop off work online through Teams. They log in the same way as they do on a school computer and can access their files from there. You can also use Teams and other Microsoft applications online or even download and install Microsoft applications like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel for FREE. office.com: click Sign In

Please get in the habit of checking this site for assignments, information, and reminders for your class! Visit: www.misterjrobson.com

Email is the best way to stay in touch with me! I would love to have your email address to keep in touch with you, so please give me (or the office) your email address, or just send me a note right away, even just to say “hi!” You can email me from the GWMS Contacts page HERE

Please send me a message ANY time there’s a question, something isn’t clear, there’s some misunderstanding or problem, or for any reason, really!

Grade 7 and 8 students and parents should be in the habit of checking PowerSchool regularly! Go to: ps.sjsd.net

Usernames look like this: ex: g.waters@sjasd.ca (Powerschool is just g.waters)

Passwords look like this: ex: Geowat123

Sign in to Office (or go to office.com and click Sign In) (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Your login is your email address. That is made up of your first initial DOT last name @sjasd.ca
ex: g.waters@sjasd.ca

The password page looks like THIS (if it doesn’t, your password will not work, which means that you didn’t put in your login correctly):

Your password is: first three letters of your first name (capital on the first one) first three letters of your last name three numbers
ex: Geowat190

GWMS teacher contacts

Check your email! (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Check your Teams! Even though we are back in class every day, may teachers will still be using Teams as a way of passing along information, discussing things, and handing in work. Please make sure that you know how to log in and have a look around! (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Completing Assignments in Teams (info) (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Work-at-Home Activities

Computer Literacy:

Typing Club – learn how to type with guided lessons. Very valuable practice. Unfortunately only really useful on a computer/laptop keyboard. Sign-in is the SAME as your computer user name and password! All students are registered already and simply need to sign in.

Code.org – please visit your class page (where you would normally go to see your assignments) to access the appropriate options

Coding with Grasshopper: A great program available in browsers or as a free app on iOS and Android.


Audible Stories – audio books for various levels and can be listened to in different languages

Brainpop – Everybody loves Tim & Moby! Our school does have a subscription, but at the moment anyone may request a personal subscription for free. Brainpop has videos, activities, and quizzes based around all kinds of subjects, so this is a great resource to look at.

Flocabulary – Mr. Robson’s all-time favourite online resource. They turn educational topics like math, science, reading, and writing into fun hip-hop songs with activities and quizzes. Students can sign up themselves OR email me and I will set you up. Many students will have received an invitation in their school email. They can access their email to check that HERE. (sign in the same as OneDrive)

Scholastic Learn-At-Home – units of study on various topics. Well planned and laid out to make it easy to follow and complete.


Browse this HUGE list of online resources available now. There are free resources for pretty much any level and any topic.



Welcome to the online home of Mr. J Robson. I am a proud and passionate educator, and am fortunate to be a part of a great team at George Waters Middle School, part of the St. James-Assiniboia School Division, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Here you will find more information about me and the classes I teach. Most importantly, you will get a chance to read about the great work being done in my classes, by my students.

General Notes:

All students in Mr. Robson’s classes are expected to have a pair of headphones for class. These can be any standard headphones, such as those used for a phone or other such device. They can be purchased economically (even at some dollar stores) and do not have to be fancy or special. These should be available for every class.

Students are welcome to come in for extra time/help most days at lunch. It’s always a good idea to check and make sure that I’m available, or let me know that you’ll be coming, but you can always drop in and take your chances.

All students and parents should be aware of the St. James  Internet/Technology Code of Conduct. Please have a look at the document because all are expected to abide by it.

Upcoming events at GWMS: